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Jackie's Jungle

...because plants make people happy


All About Jackie

As an artist of green interiors, I help people enhance their living and work spaces with live foliage, by designing and curating beautiful and sustainable plant installations. My goal is to empower those who want to make their spaces greener and to do so without fear, trusting me to instil in them the knowledge and skill that is necessary to maintain their plants for years to come. I offer complimentary consultations and visit with clients in their spaces to get a feel for who they are and what their style is, then together design their dream green space that they trust me to execute and bring to life.

How I Work

After an initial phone consultation, I visit your space for an in person consultation. I spend up to an hour and a half getting to you know you, your style and anticipated design outcomes. With a multitude of factors based on desired foliage, budget, lighting and maintenance agreements, we develop a plan for your space and I execute it. I source my plants from high quality growers in Ontario, ensuring that plants are healthy and thriving. I take time to source planters that suite your design style, curate, deliver and install the entire project. If desired, I also offer maintenance services and email, phone or drop in consultations for plant concerns or emergencies.

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Where I Work


   Customizable and Sustainable 


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“Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit”

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